CMT’s 2023 Starch & Protein conferences – Некоммерческая организация "Союзкрахмал"

CMT’s 2023 Starch & Protein conferences

CMT’s 11th Starch World ASIA series is back this year with a new improved version!

Rebranding to 11th Starch Value Chain ASIA, this event brings all players in the starch supply chain to share and discuss developments on realising the full potential of starch crops, value added pathways for cassava , protein and fibre value of pulses, rice, wheat and the importance of these components in the current shift towards healthy & sustainable diets.

The event will follow through with another conference on Sustainable Plant Protein & Fermentation Solutions – as nowadays starch and protein goes hand in hand together.

Thailand is promoting a vision of bioeconomy for national development based on the sugarcane and cassava sectors. The vision of bioeconomy of the Government of Thailand is to modernize agriculture by adding value to raw materials from farmers’ fields.

What will Thailand’s cassava bioeconomy value chain look like? How can cassava play an important role?

What is currently done to enhance the competitiveness of cassava industry in the region? Can cassava be the sustainable feedstock for the growing bioplastics demand?

CMT has lined up a great panel of distinguished speakers to share what’s next for the region’s starch industry from food, non-food applications to the production of biogas from waste streams. And many more!

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